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We connect the music education community

Based in Asia and with an international network, Music Edumedia provides a unique combination of digital and print media reaching music educators and their institutions, students, parents and businesses. platform provides sector news, directories, event listings, reviews and resources - all in one place. Online and on tablet and mobile. App store and Android apps launching in August 2014.

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MusicEd Asia regional magazine

Launched in 2011, MusicEd Asia is the region's Asia's only independent music education magazine. Features, opinion pieces, project reports, news and reviews.
Published in print and on the App Store three times a year.

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A new international directory of summer schools/camps and short courses including coverage of courses in Europe, North America and Australia.

Launching in September 2014

One database, multiple sites

By including your information within the Music Edumedia system you can decide where it will appear - locally or internationally. There is no need to update details in different places.